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You’re receiving quality, professional work from a team of highly-trained electricians who are licensed and insured.


All of our electricians are licensed professionals who are background checked and drug tested for your safety.


Our electricians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with any problem that may arise.

Electrical Panel Repair & Replacement

Your electrical panel is your home’s control center.

The electrical panel in your home controls all the electricity going to each circuit. It is responsible for regulating all the electricity coming and going.

If you suspect a problem with your electrical panel, never try fixing it yourself, as there is a huge risk of electrocution and damage to your electrical system. Leave all panel repair and replacement projects to a licensed and insured electrician.

Although electrical panels are meant to last a long time, unfortunately, they don’t last forever. In fact, continuing to use an outdated electrical panel can be very dangerous.

Tripped breakers happen to everyone. Breakers are made to trip in order to protect your home from an overloaded circuit and circuit interruptions. If, however, you notice your breaker panel tripping frequently, that is a huge sign that you have a larger electrical problem.

If you are using more amperage than what your breaker can handle, then you probably need to have a breaker or two changed or replace your breaker panel with one that has a higher amperage rating.

Signs of an Outdated Panel:

  • Sparks or Burning Odor
  • Malfunctioning Switches
  • Flickering/Dimming Lights
  • Electrical Shocks from Switches/Outlets
  • Burn Marks, Rust, or Corrosion
  • Older than 15 Years

If you’ve noticed any of the above signs, it is important to address the issue promptly as an outdated panel can be extremely dangerous.

For the safety of your home, we recommend having your panel serviced regularly. By doing so, your electrical panel can protect your home for 30 years or more.

We understand that electrical emergencies are never convenient. For this reason, we offer true 24/7 Emergency Service to assist you with any problem that may arise. We always provide the cost of the work before we begin. No surprises or hidden fees!

Scheduling an appointment with Titan Electric Company means getting quality service from a licensed, expert electrician when YOU need it.

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!